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WHMReseller is a plugin for WHM that allows you to create and manage reseller accounts in WHM. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the WHMReseller plugin in WHM:

  1. Log in to your WHM panel using your username and password.

  2. Navigate to the "Plugins" section and click on the "WHMReseller" icon.

  3. On the WHMReseller page, you will see a list of available options and settings.

  4. To create a new reseller account, click on the "Create Reseller" button.

  5. Enter the required information, such as the reseller's domain name, username, and password.

  6. Set the reseller's package, which is a pre-defined set of resources such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. that the reseller can allocate to their own clients.

  7. Configure any additional settings, such as branding or custom DNS settings, if necessary.

  8. Click on the "Create" button to create the new reseller account.

  9. To manage existing reseller accounts, click on the "Manage Resellers" button.

  10. From the Manage Resellers page, you can view and edit the settings for each reseller account.

  11. You can also suspend or terminate reseller accounts, and view reports on reseller usage and activity.

That's it! You have now learned how to use the WHMReseller plugin in WHM to create and manage reseller accounts.

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